Top 5 Greatest Beers!

5. Yuengling-  Its the easiest beer to drink at a bar!

4. Great Lakes -Christmas Ale

3. Flying Dog-In Heat Wheat

2. Magic Hat -Hocus Pocus variety pack

1. New Belgium Brewery-Ranger IPA

These are my favorites to date, hopefully as my beer journey continues my list will grow longer!  Happy Drinking!


It’s Never Too Late For Christmas Cheer or Beer!

This Blog will be about the Great Lakes Brewing Companys seasonal Christmas Ale.  I know it is way past Christmas but my boyfriend somehow found it over the weekend and its definalty worth writing about!  It is one of the smoothest beers I have ever drank!  It also resembles Magic Hat beers.  I can’t wait to try more beer from Great Lakes!  Also my next post will be my 5 fave beers.  Thanks for reading everyone!

Why Is It Illegal To Send Beer?!

Just a quick thought, but who would of thought that it would be illegal to ship beer?!  USPS, Fed-Ex, and UPS all refuse to ship the tasteful beers that aren’t available to us.  Thoughts?

Hooked on the Flying Dog!

After my weekend trip to my favorite beer distributer, I came back with the Flying Dog variety pack.  This was great choice because I got to sample 6 different beers, all with very clever names!  The names are as great as the beers! Some examples being “Raging Bitch” which is their 20th anniversary brew, “In Heat Wheat” which is their hefeweizen, and “Road Dog” being their porter. Now my research techniques are going to be flawed this time being that I drank these beers on the way to a bachelorette party, so a good description is not going to happen this blog.  Sorry,  I will revisit this one in the future!  But what I can say about Flying Dog is that I enjoyed every beer I drank!  I would definatly recommend it and I promise a more detailed description will come as soon as I buy another variety pack!!

Whats With All The Different Kinds Of Beers?

This blog will be about the different types/categories of beers such as ales, lagers etc. Hopefully this will be helpful in your beer tasting journeys!

Lager- this type of beer that is stored at lower temperatures using bottom fermented yeast for long periods of time.  In Germany, the term is used for beers that are stored at lower temperatures and not neccessarily bottom fermented.  Lagers include bocks, pilsners, with pale lager being the most widely drank beer in the world!

Ales-are brewed from top fermenting yeast and brewed from malting barley.  The yeast ferments quickly giving it sweet or fruity taste. 

Stout/Porter-  This is a term that is interchangable and is usually given to beers that have a higher alcohol content.  Their are many different types of stouts one of the most popular being an oatmeal stout.

What Else Are Breweries Good For?

Well the answer to that is not gettting drunk!  If you check out your favorite breweries website, chances are many of them are doing summer tours, concerts and cookout type things all over the country!  Flying Dog has a great list of things happening this summer if you live on the East Coast and are looking for a fun weekend trip! Just click on the link and check out their events calendar!  New Belgium Brewery also has events going on all over the country.  Magic Hat Brewing Company also has a Mardi Gras themed event that I’m sure would be very magical!  Also don’t forget that breweries offer jobs!!  Remember that they need not only beer tasters but marketers, accountants, and sales staff!!  All of the breweries listed above have a job description page so if your interested check it out!  So now you know that breweries can be good for something else besides getting drunk!

Mojo India Pale Ale

This blog will be about Mojo’s IPA.  I know in my last blog I said that I would be writing about Flying Dog’s variety pack, but life kicked in and i realized that I would be very unproductive the next day if I tried the variety pack.  So on to the Mojo…    The color is a bright golden orange like most IPA’s.  The beer is very hoppy and somewhat bitter.Compared to DogFish Head and the IPA at New Belgium I feel this was nothing special, but it was smooth and definatly drinkable.  While I was not completley blown away by Mojo…I’m sure I would by it again.  Next Blog will be the Flying Dog Variety Pack!!!  Cheers!